About US

The Board and Membership of Greater Shepparton Independent Community Radio (Shepp Radio Inc) Have Adopted the 5 W’s Principal for our Foundation

Who Are We

Greater Shepparton Independent Community Radio. (Shepp Radio Inc) was formed in 2018 and started by operating with a steering committee. The Steering Committee worked on setting up the administration and business side of the station, During this Period  Greater Shepparton Independent Community Radio  became the registered Business Name, We Became Incorporated being called Shepp Radio Inc and setup our own Bank Account.

What Are We

As the title Suggests we are Setting up as a Community radio station broadcasting online at first,

We would like to get the chance to go to terrestrial radio in the future, if possible we intend to broadcast 24 hours per day 7 days per week, online via www.sheppradio.com.au

Programming, At this current stage will be Automated as we don’t have live studio facility’s,
When we do will be locally focused with an emphasis on community, presented radio by local presenters and our broadcast partners,
the station will be equipped in future to do Outside Broadcasts allowing them to cover community Events as well as events of interest,

We will also partner up with other like minded broadcast organizations for some programming within Australia also offering our services back to them as they require

Why Are We

It was felt by a group of radio enthusiasts, Some with alot of experience in the community radio sector, others with experience working in the community, and a few with technical experience, that sections of the community were poorly represented by the electronic media, it was felt within the group that the collective experience and further recruiting that the formation of a new community station online could be of great benefit to the community of Goulburn Valley and beyond.

When Are We

Greater Shepparton Independent Community Radio (Shepp Radio Inc), Intend to Broadcast 24 Hours a Day 7 Days per Week

Where Are We

At a site to be determined

Broadcast is 100% Automated no live shows at this current stage